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18, vegan, Art, Photography and Critical Thinking student, volunteer at Redhill St Matthews Foodbank and for Vinspired. Love Enter Shikari, Lorde, Scroobius Pip, The Skints, Suede, The Levellers, The Cure, X-Ray Spex, anything varied. I blog mostly Enter Shikari, veganism, old and new Doctor Who, animals, art, food and 70's/80's music. Ask is always open if you want a chat and someone to talk too. :)

  • Carnist: I could never go vegan, I love meat too much.
  • Me: I could never go carnist, I love compassion too much.
Wednesday, 19 - 09 - 2012

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    omg guys I’m a carnist I’m prejudiced against anything that isn’t meat I’m like cow hitler guys
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    Lawlawlawl “carnists.” Like, if I actually said to someone, “I COULD NEVER BECOME A CARNIST!” I doubt they would: a.)...
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    lol tumblr vegans Where even did the term “carnist” come from. People who don’t restrict their diets are omnivores not...
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